The HN9000 has a single industry standard RJ45 connector at the rear of the unit. This allows it to easily connect to a users computer, or to multiple systems by connecting it to a router/hub. The HN9000 is a self-hosted system, meaning it does not require any software or special drivers to be loaded on the users computer. When firmware updates for the modem become available by Hughes, they are received & loaded into the modem automatically. Because it's 'self-hosted', it works similar to a cable or dsl modem, and can operateon a variety of O.S. platforms, like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc..
         The HN9000 features an internal status & diagnostics menu, the "System Control Center", which hosts a
 large variety of statistics, logs, and modem test functions. This handy diagnostic menu was first featured on the
 Hughes (DirecWay) DW6000. Unlike older (Ku-band) setups, the HN9000 can be teamed with a wide range of
 dish-radios ranging from 1 to 10 watts. While a higher wattage radio won't give you greater speeds, it can help
 a great deal with getting a good signal in poor or more overcast conditions. Depending on the radio & speed-
 package you decide on, the system will come with either a .74 or .98 dish. Below are the modem specifications,
 detailed pics, & assorted other info.
HN9000 Data Sheet :
You can download the HN9000 Data-
Sheet by clicking on the image to the left.
File is in Adobe PDF format.  (Size 800k)
HN9000 Tips & Tricks ! :
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The DW7000 User Interface :
    The various functions, features, & statistics of the HN9000 are accessable through the "HN9000 System Control Center". To
access the control center you need to open up your web browser (I.E.: Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.) and type the following into
the address bar : . Doing that should bring up the System Control Center screen.
The Control Center has a number of useful logs, information, and the like. From there you can view your signal strength, check which firmware version you have, view various connection logs, configure ranging, and much more. The Control Center interface is not available on systems prior to the Hughes/DirecWay DW6000.
A look inside the Hughes HN9000
    Curious about what it looks like inside the HN9000 satellite modem ? Well don't ruin your warranty .. I'll
pop the cover for ya ! :) Any parts of particular interest noted below. (Click on individual chips for more details.)
      In March 2008 Hughes released the HN9000 Ka-band satellite modem, designed to work with the
SpaceWay-3 satellite. Currently, new customers to Hughes satellite internet service will receive either
this modem, or the older HN7000S Ku-band modem (initially released in 2006). Which modem a user gets depends for the most part on LOS (Line Of Sight .. basically a dish aiming issue), and likely on the amount of subscribers already in that potential users spot-beam. (So as to avoid overcrowding a given spot-beam.) The HN9000 is the first Ka-band satellite internet system from from Hughes.
HughesNet HN9000 Ka-Band 2-Way System
    HN9000 Intsallation Guide & User Manual are
 available on the Manuals/Guides section of this site.