Software utility for monitoring useage against the HughesNet Fair Access Policy !
FapMon Instructions :
FapMon in Action ! :
FapMon Features :
Transfer Rate Display :  Numeric display shows both your current upload and download speeds.
Total Transfered : The HughesNet F.A.P. counts both uploaded & downloaded data. The "Total Transfered" numeric display keeps a
running count of how much data total you've transfered .. both up & downstream.
Full Recovery Timer : This numeric display constantly tracks how long it will be before your F.A.P. "bucket" is completely empty. If you
do get hit by the F.A.P., this timer will let you know how long you have to wait for restrictions to be completely lifted.
FAP Bucket Display : The blue bar-graph & numeric display next to it give you visual displays to show how much data you can still
download at high-speed before the FAP kicks in. The display gradually turns white & the number decreases the closer you get to your
package FAP limits. The number & display gradually rise during inactivity, tracking the data 'bucket' refill rate.
Signal Strength Meter : Bargraph & numeric display show your current signal strength. (This feature is currently only supported on
DW3000/DW4000 systems.)
Proxy On/Off Switch : Quick & easy way to enable or disable your proxy server. (Helps speed up your connection, depending on your application.)
Proxy Reset Switch : Helps eliminate those occasional HughesNet 'ghost' downloads.
Broadcast Port Setting : For use on systems that are networked & sharing the satellite internet connection.
Service Level Select : Just go to the FapMon configuration screen & select the service level that matches your subscribed package. The data recovery/refill rates & off-peak rates are automatically set. 
Manual Service Level Entry : HughesNet is constantly changing their service packages, especially for business level systems. FapMon allows you to manually enter your service level rates too! This assures you'll always be able monitor your useage, even if you subscribe to a new a new or not-listed package level.
DirecWay Data-Filter : Some data feeds like the old DirecWay Radio, as well as system firmware/software updates aren't counted towards the FAP. FapMon knows that, and so it doesn't let those downloads effect the FAP calculations.
FapMon Client Module : Special version of FapMon to run on client computers. Keeps client & host systems sync'd with the transfer
levels so all users can be aware of the current FAP status levels.
Works on all DirecWay/DirecPC Systems : FapMon works on all HughesNet systems .. from the original DirecPC Classic system right through to the new DW7700! Whether you're on the DirecPC, DW3000, DW4000, DW4020, DW6000, DW7000, or DW7700! 
All that and SO MUCH MORE !! : FapMon can be configured to auto-load when Windows starts .. Can run "always on top" or "hidden",
Can run as an icon in the system-tray (with complete status display!) ..Calculates and factors in the "off-peak" extended download times..
The list just goes on and on !
Installing FapMon : Installing FapMon is pretty straight-forward. Download the version you want, then extract & run it.  By default it will want to create a folder called FapMon in your Program Files directory and install there. You can however change the installation directory to one of your choice. During installation FapMon will want to install the "WinPCap" packet library for Windows. Make sure you allow this during the installation or FapMon will can run.  After installing FapMon, reboot your computer.
Configuring FapMon : Select FapMon from your Start menu, or double-click the FapMon icon in the FapMon folder created when the
program was installed. This will start FapMon and bring up its main data monitoring screen. (See picture "A" below.) All the numers & data-transfer rates will clear & set to zero.  Right clicking once on the top program display will bring up a pull-down menu. (See picture
 "B" below.)  Highlight & click on the first menu option "FapMon Configuraton". This will bring up the configuration screen. (Picture "C")
 Picture "A" (above) shows the main data monitoring screen. Right-clicking once on the
top of the display will bring up the pull-down menu. (See picture "B" to the right). Select
"FapMon Configuration" to bring up the configuration screen. (Picture "C" below.)
Configuring FapMon <continued> : From the configuration screen you can select the various settings for FapMon. The first thing to do
is configure the "Satellite Device" so FapMon knows what device to monitor for your internet traffic. What device you select depends on which HughesNet system you have.   For DirecPC, DW3000 & DW4000 users : From the pull-down options under "Satellite Device",
select the connection called "Satellite Receiver USB Device". For all other HughesNet systems : select your ethernet/networking card
that your DirecWay modem (or your router if you're system is networked) is connected to. (Picture "C" above shows an Intel Pro/1000 networking card selected as the device to monitor.)
Selecting your Service Level : The most common package for HughesNet / DirecWay home systems is the basic "Consumer" pkg.
This package features a 169Mb download threshold, and a 47kbps recovery rate. This is the default setting for FapMon .. so if it's your
package too then configuration is complete. (Click once on the "OK" Button, and skip to the "FapMon in Action" section below.)  
 If you subscribe to a package that has a higher recovery rate, and/or larger download threshold there are two ways you can configure
the FapMon Service Levels. The easiest way to configure recovery rate & transfer thresholds is by simply entering your subscribed package values into the appropriate boxes on the FapMon configuration screen. For example : A fairly common DW6000 home user package comes has all the same values as the preset "Consumer" package, except it has a slightly higher recovery rate of 50kbps. A
subscriber to this package would simply click in the "Recovery Rate" box and change the number 47 to the number 50. That's it !  Any of the values in FapMon can be manually changed to meet the exact settings of your package. Selecting the "OK" button saves your
personal settings. You don't have to re-enter them each time you restart FapMon. You can also change them at any time by simply entering new values and again selecting "OK".
 Another method to selecting a Service Level is to use the pull-down menu under "Presets by Service Level". Select a package name,
then click the "Set" button to see the values of that package. Even if a package isn't named exactly the same as yours, it may still have the same values. There are many DirecWay service packages, the "Presets by Service Level" are a few of the more common ones.
 Once you have your values set, simply click the "OK" button to start FapMon monitoring.
Configuration Instructions for European HughesNet Users : 

The FAP works slightly different overseas, but FapMon has options for these users too ! (for this example we'll use the Bronze limits):

1) Set the Threshold to 92.4 (This is the absolute bucket, i.e. Disconnected Download Limit)
2) Set the Warning Threshold to 61.3 (The FAP free interval, i.e. Cumulative Download)
3) Set the recovery rate to 32
(Or simply select the "Bronze" package, & click on "set".)

Now, on a full bucket, the user starts downloading at full throttle. When the bucket reaches the warning level, the FAP meter turns dark red. At that moment the user should be in a capped bandwidth state (i.e. at the throttle limit bandwidth). If the user continues downloading, and halfway thru the limit throttle state, the meter turns bright red. Eventually the meter would reach the FAP level (an empty bucket) and begin the Disconnected state. At that moment the transfer rate should drop to 0. After about 1.064 hours, the meter change color from bright red to dark red, and the bucket should be at about 25% the warning threshold (~15.4MB). At that moment the user should be able to download again (until the bucket hits 0 again).

For users in the USA
, the warning threshold serves no other purpose than to warn them of an impending FAP enforcement.
Below are a few screen-shots from FapMon showing some of it's features in action !
 The image to the left shows FapMon running.
It shows the user as having an almost full bucket,
 with only 29 sec. left before their FAP bucket is completely refilled.  Their signal strength and
transfer speed is also shown. The arrow next to the
data bar is pointing down to show a download is in
 The image on the right shows the FapMon Client software
running. It operates the same as FapMon, but can display its data in the task-bar area.
  The FapMon System Tray Status Display is part of FapMon. It
shows a graphical display of data transfers, and will show you all your upload & download related details by simply holding the mouse pointer over it.
  The animation for the System Tray display can be turned on or off through the configuration menu.
 FapMon can be displayed in any number of ways. Below is "Shade Mode" (selectable from the configuration menu). 
 It condenses the FapMon display, removing the graphic bars and only showing numeric values.
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              FapMon Version 2.6.3 For 2-Way HughesNet & DirecWay Users : Click Here To Download !

              FapMon Version 2.5a For Hughesnet / D'Way and Gray Dish DirecPC Users :  Click Here To Download !

Version 2.0b For White Dish / DirecWay Users : .................................   Click Here to Download !     

              FapMon Version 2.0b For Gray-Dish / DirecPC 'Classic' Users : ........................   
Click Here to Download !

              FapMon Version 2.0b Client Utility : .................................................................   Click Here to Download !

              FapMon Version 1.01 (Older release of FapMon.) Works on all systems : ........   Click Here to Download !
      Please Note : While programs like SatSpeed, FapMon, and others here at HughesNet Uncensored are available free to our site members, the programs
       themselves are NOT shareware / freeware and are NOT freely redistributable. They are for your personal use only and should not be given, sold, or
       redistributed to others. Your cooperation helps us continue to bring you these great programs. Thank you !
Download FapMon ! :
 FapMon is like no other download management program available. It was written specifically for HughesNet / DirecWay users to meet the
needs exclusive to these satellite internet consumers.  FapMon monitors your transfer levels and tracks them against your HughesNet
F.A.P. package settings, helping you stay below the F.A.P. and keeping your internet connection at high-speed.  ( Not familiar with the
DirecWay Fair Access Policy ? If you're a DirecWay customer it's important to know about ! Full details on the F.A.P. page here ! )
 There are plenty of download management/monitoring
utilities available on the internet, but none come close
to meeting the special needs we satellite internet
customers have. That's where FapMon comes in !
 FapMon has a host of features that other types of
data monitoring/management programs just don't have.  Here's sone of the features of this great utility !   (FapMon Screen-shot Above)